Steps in the process of organic Chianti winemaking

Steps in the process of organic Chianti winemaking

Organic Chianti wine is made following a specific process. It’s best suited if you have a bit of land to do it on. The steps are:
1. Choose the grapes you will use
There are a variety of grapes that can be used for organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico), but Sangiovese is the most popular. You’ll also need to choose other complementary varieties that will add flavor and depth to your wine.
2. Plant the vines
Once you have chosen your grapes, it’s time to plant them! Be sure to research where to place them to get plenty of sun and fresh air. The vines will grow relatively quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be able to start harvesting your grapes for winemaking!
3. Harvesting the Grapes
The best time to harvest grapes for making organic Chianti wine is during the early morning when the temperature is still cool. Use a sharp knife or clippers to cut the grape clusters from the vine, careful not to damage them.
4. Destemming and Crushing Grapes
Destemming and crushing the grapes. You can do this manually or use a machine. If you choose to do it manually, be sure to remove all of the stems and crush the grapes using your hands or a tool like a potato masher.
5. Soaking Grapes
After you have crushed the grapes, soak them in water for 12-24 hours. This will help start the fermentation process.
6. Adding Yeast
Add a yeast culture to the grape juice and let it ferment for two weeks.
7. Bottling the Wine
Once the fermentation process is complete, bottle your wine in clean glass bottles. Cork them tightly and store them in a cool, dark place until you are ready to drink them!
8. Enjoying Your Organic Chianti Wine!
Now that you’ve gone through all of these steps, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your delicious organic chianti wine! Cheers!

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