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Gaming IQ was founded in order to put on a series of focussed B2B events on niche topics that really matter to the industry, but quickly evolved into an online source of industry news and content as well.

Our aim is not to add yet another consumer or industry trade show like E3 or GDC (both of which we love), but to work with studios directly in order to identify the specific challenges that developers face, and help to bring together like-minded people and industry visionaries to get round a table and work towards solving some of these challenges with peers.

Gaming IQ is a new division of IQPC Ltd, an international events and training company that runs conferences and workshops for multiple industry sectors and verticals including Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Technology, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Finance, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Supply Chain and many more. For more information about IQPC please visit our website.

The first event was the Game QA & Localisation Forum, which took place in London on June 25-26th 2013 and was a fantastic success, paving the way to many future successes.

If you have a suggestion for a particular topic or challenge the gaming industry faces that you think would make a good conference or show, or are interested in getting involved with Gaming IQ as a speaker, sponsor or exhibitor, get in touch with us on our Facebook or Twitter!


The Team

Arran pic  Arran Oakes | Bossman & Editor-in-Chief

Arran is Editor and Founder of Gaming IQ, and also serves as Head of Production on GamingIQ events. He is looking forward to the first GamingIQ event, coming up in London in June, the Game QA & Localisation Forum.

Top 3 Games:

1. Deus Ex – undoubtedly the greatest RPG and arguably the best game ever created, Deus Ex is the perfect marriage of RPG, FPS and futuristic techcore. Admittedly the graphics may not hold up so well now…

2. Final Fantasy X – a controversial choice I know, not that it is a FF game, but the choice of X. It’s got good characters, an emotional story and a fantastic soundtrack, and I personally happen to prefer it to VII. Deal with it!

3. Half-Life – best FPS ever made, fact. Perfect mix of action and puzzle, with survival horror elements and one of the most clever and hilarious scripts ever created for a game. Stupid un-killable G-man…


Sumit Sumit Dutta | Co-Editor & Evil Henchman Extraordinaire

Sumit is the co-Editor of Gaming IQ alongside Arran and a Digital Marketing Manager with an eye on next gen entertainment in all its forms. Sumit has been part of the gaming scene for over 20 years and once waited 3 and half hours in line to meet Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto for 5 seconds (in case you were wondering yes, it was worth it). Get in touch at Twitter.

Top 3 Games

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – It may look a little dated now (though the 3Ds remake looks pretty good) but its still one of those gaming experience that always endures. I remember the hype building up for months if not years and would wonder whether it could really live up to my expectations? It didn’t just live up to the expectations, it completely blew them away.  The game is so well made and so innovative with a confidence that is rare for a game with so many ideas. One of the best Nintendo’s soundtracks, amazing art direction plus controls (including the Z-targeting mechanics) that are still employed in many of today’s titles and for good reason.

2. Super Mario World – It was a tough choice between this and the equally amazing Super Mario Bros. 3 which was light years ahead of the past titles but its World’s polish, 16 bit graphics and replayability that edge it. The game still holds up nicely 20 years later thanks to its sheer invention, fun factor and imagination that are testament to a legendary series that we’ll still probably be playing in 20 years time.

3. Uncharted 2 – Look, I had to pick at least one current gen game so my pick is Naughty Dog’s follow up to the still-fantastic-in-its-own right 2007 original. For years and years the industry has been talking about games eventually morphing into interactive movies (alas we don’t count Mega CDs masterpiece Night Trap…) but this to me is the first game that fully delivers on that promise. A brilliant, exciting and beautifully executed title that pushed the PlayStation 3 and the medium itself to new heights. There are plenty of big budget movies that aren’t anywhere near as exhilarating, witty or well scripted as Uncharted 3. The moment you first realise that what you assume is another cut scene is fully playable is a moment you won’t soon forget.

Read his columns here


Gerald photo Gerald Clarke | Staff Writer & Trivia Guru

Gerald is a a staff writer for Gaming IQ. The first game that he ever played was Fun School 4 in 1992 which taught him to type, spell and count. Since then he has firmly believed that video games can change the world for the better.

Top 3 Games:

1. Final Fantasy X – The very silly laughing scene aside, I spent many an hour with my arm tucked into my blazer pretending to be Auron. The rendered graphics in the cut-scenes of this game were mind-blowing and blitzball is the best mini-game ever; almost good enough to make this list on its own!

2. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – I loved the music in this game so much that I often left the game running in the background so that I could listen to it. It was fast-paced, fun and challenging. Not to mention that my young mind was programmed by Saturday-morning television to like totally radical talking animals in sneakers.

3. Football Manager (any iteration) – Without a doubt I have spent more time in these games than in any other. There is nothing quite like the feeling when Gateshead Town win their first ever Champion’s League in 2033 or raising that young midfielder up from the under 18’s to winning the Golden Boot at the World Cup.


adam Adam Barsby | Staff Writer & Social Media Monkey

Adam is a writer for Gaming IQ, as well as working on the Social Media platforms. His gaming career began with Crash Bandicoot, which planted the seed for his ever-growing obsession of video games. Adam has recently graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in English and History.

Top 3 Games:

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – When this was released, from the moment I stepped out the sewer, I was blown away by the scale of the landscape and the sheer number of quests to complete. A little less gritty than Skyrim, Cyrodiil is genuinely quite nice to have a stroll around when you’re not slaying hordes of Daedra, or giant rats.

2. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped – My favourite entry into the series, it took the platforming marsupial and made him even better. (Just ignore any release post-Naughty Dog). You can ride a motorbike, a tiger, and a dinosaur. What more could you want? Getting 105% on this game is one of my finest achievements to this day.

3. BioShock Infinite – A tough choice, but I feel this eclipsed the original, (even if the Handyman is nothing on the iconic Big Daddy). The storyline and gameplay is simply unbelievable, and kept me enthralled for the entire duration. Plus, the ending is just incredible.


dan head shot Dan Goad | Writer

Dan is a writer for Gaming IQ with an interest in all aspects of gaming from next-generation AAA titles to mobile platforms. He is also studying for a PhD in Classics and recently presented a paper on the use of the ancient world in computer games.

Top 3 Games:

 1. Dragon Age: Origins – a perhaps odd choice as the game is often overshadowed by its Bioware brothers in the also excellent Mass Effect series but for me Dragon Age: Origins remains a masterclass of storytelling and character development. One of the few times where I have felt genuinely emotionally invested in a game.

 2. Rome: Total War – having spent my education reading about the ancient world it was a thrill to finally shape it myself.  And of course to do what the Roman Empire never could and conquer the known world.

 3. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – I love the free-running gameplay of all the Assassin’s Creed games, but the setting of Rome and the absence of some of the more annoying elements of the other games in the series made Brotherhood my favourite.

Sam Barwick PicSam Barwick | Writer

Sam is a guest writer for Gaming IQ and has been gaming since he can remember. One of his earliest gaming memories is waking up on Christmas day and opening a present to see a brand new Sega Megadrive and MegaGame 6 all neatly packaged. He recently graduated from The University of Roehampton with a degree in Creative Writing.

Top 3 Games:

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – To be fair, this was a split decision between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Both are just exceptional games, however Ocarina just has that extra level of nostalgia that makes it that little bit better. Naturally, I snapped up the limited edition Legend of Zelda 3DS and Ocarina of Time remake. I didn’t really have a choice.

2. Final Fantasy X – Again, this is another game I hold close for nostalgic reasons. It’s strangely been the only Final Fantasy game I have actually played (not including the sequel), but I still managed to sink in many hours into the game. I’m pretty sure on my original save, I completed the sphere grid with both Tidus and Rikku -they became godly. I just wish the HD remake would hurry up a bit.

3.The Walking Dead – I don’t think I have felt more emotionally attached to the characters in a video game than in The Walking Dead. The art style is great, the voice acting is brilliant, and the story is engaging. The narrative is what really drives this game, and it seems to hit at the heart-strings more than any title released in the last 10 or so years.

Ashly Gadda | Guest Contributor

Mo Jamma | Guest Contributor

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