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IQ Talk Podcast #6: PlayStation 4 Launch Special

IQ Talk Podcast #6: PlayStation 4 Launch Special

Nov 29, 2013

In this special edition of IQ Talk, Sumit Dutta, Adam Barsby and Arran Oakes from Gaming IQ are back to talk all things PlayStation 4.

Sony’s next gen system launches today in the UK and Europe so what better time than to reflect on the PS4 journey so far – gong back to the early rumours in 2012 right through to today’s launch line-up.

We’ll look at all of he major announcements, the presentations, the ad campaigns, the messaging, the hardware, the games and ask is the PlayStation 4 really 4 The Players?


  • What Were Our Reactions To First PS4 Announcement In Feb 2013?
  • How Did The Wii U Affect The PS4 & Xbox One Timeframes?
  • How Will Gaikai Evolve In The Future?
  • How Important Will Indies Really Be To Sony’s Strategy?
  • What Were Our Reactions To The Dual Shock 4 And How Does It Compare To The Xbox One Controller?
  • Why Being Developer Friendly Will Help Sony’s Efforts With Third Parties
  • What Were The Reaction To The Final Form?
  • How Will Sony’s Messaging And Advertising Differentiate It From Microsoft?
  • Is The Lack In HDMI In A Negative Or A Future Looking Move?
  • What Is The Justification Of Expensive EA Digital Titles On The PSN Store?
  • Will The Early Tech Issues Hampered The Launch
  • Are The Launch Titles Good Enough?
  • What Does The Future Look Like For The PS4?

PLUS! Why Killzone 5 Will Be Luminous Pink And Why You Must Never, Ever Put Bread In Your PS4…

That relaxing music floating in the background is the new menu music from the PS4!

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below and on Twitter

Recorded Friday 2
9 November 2013 | Duration 56:50


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Sumit Dutta is an editor at Gaming IQ and is still trying to decipher the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2. Read his columns here and get in touch via Twitter @SumitKD or Google Plus

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