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The Future for Budget Devices – Tablet Trends and Wearable Tech

The Future for Budget Devices – Tablet Trends and Wearable Tech

Nov 21, 2013

By now you will probably have heard about the released Smart Watches, and the future devices that are sure to take the industry by storm.

The potential for Smart Watch gaming is limited, but developers will surely find a way to involve wearable tech into everyday life, with a multitude of apps taking advantage of a colossal user base of smart phones, and other connecting devices. Google Glass is sure to become a driving force for Android.

However, a recent poll by Gartner has stated that wearable technology will not take off until 2017, and so current adopters may be pushing the technology before the public are ready. Although it takes time for many new devices to fully take off (as HDTV took quite a few years before it became a staple in the home), wearable technology seems to have a few more years before it will become truly popular.


Will we all be wearing these by 2017?

Will we all be wearing these by 2017?


However by this time, they do predict it to be a $10 billion industry, so it is probably worth investing in. Despite the inevitable popularity, the study explained what features the devices need to implement:

“They also need to be stylish yet practical, and most of all hit the right price. In the short term, we expect consumers to look at wearables as nice to have rather than a ‘must have,’ leaving smartphones to play the role of our faithful companion throughout the day.”

Google Glass has been met with both praise and criticism. Praised as the next step forward in augmented reality in everyday life, a number of bars banned the devices, as the public don’t seem ready for their privacy to be invaded to this extent quite yet. But in 2017? Maybe they will come to accept this.

However, it does appear that high-end devices are not going to be the driving force that big companies had hoped. Low-end devices are expected to drive the industries growth. Gartner claim that:

“The mobile phone market will continue to experience steady growth, but the opportunity for high average selling price (ASP) smartphones is now ending. Growth is expected to come from mid-tier smartphones in mature markets and low-end Android smartphones in emerging markets.”

As Apple experience the domination of Android, Tablet shipments are intended to grow by 53.4% this year, which is a huge rise. If this is the case, then developing for tablets may be key to an apps success. Companies such as Instagram still port their smartphone version to the iPad, which doesn’t fit the screen, and looks relatively poor. If created correctly, they could open up to many more users, especially if ported to Android tablets, where market growth is expected.


Not the most stylish of Glasses but definitely the most functional

Not the most stylish of Glasses but definitely the most functional


Despite the popularity of the 5S over the 5C, other low-end devices are becoming very popular, which Android is very keen to cash in on. Smaller screen tablets such as the iPad Mini are proving increasingly popular among consumers, along with the reasonably priced Nexus 7. Alongside the influx of countless Android tablets from a range of companies, you can see why the average joe would be tempted to save a few pennies from the pricier iPads. By comining PC, Smartphone and Tablet sales, Gartner predicts an increase of 4.5% this year, and 7.5% next year.

Broadcom have already said how low-end wearable tech could be a good investment, rather than jumping on high-end devices. This includes UV detectors, and dog-fitness devices. Perhaps not exactly where Google and Apple are aiming, but it seems the “Smart” moniker is sure to be slapped on all varieties of technology in the coming future.


 Adam Barsby is a writer for Gaming IQ, alongside running Social Media. If you are partial to stalking, you can follow him on Twitter @barsby3, or read his articles here. 



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