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IQ Talk Podcast #4: The Rise Of Mobile Gaming – Are Console Makers Running Scared?

IQ Talk Podcast #4: The Rise Of Mobile Gaming – Are Console Makers Running Scared?

Nov 15, 2013

In this edition of IQ Talk, Sumit Dutta, Adam Barsby, Arran Oakes and Gerald Clarke from Gaming IQ talk all things Mobile and ask whether Mobile gaming can compete and even eclipse console gaming.


  • Will the launch of iPad Air and Android 4.4 (KitKat) shake up the market?
  • Why is Google Play Games bringing in less revenue than the App store even with more downloads?
  • How can developers and platform holders increase discoverability?
  • How worried should Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft be?
  • How will the PS Vita and 3DS react?
  • How can developers improve controls and input standardisation ever going to happen?
  • Are mobile games too big?
  • Are developers making good users of device functionality?
  • Freemium vs. Initial purchase – What’s the best model?
  • Can Microtransactions shape evolving gaming experiences?

That infectious faint chirping in the background can only be the theme from mobile blockbuster, Angry Birds!

Recorded Friday 15 November 2013

Duration 32:51


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Sumit Dutta is an editor at Gaming IQ and is still trying to decipher the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2. Read his columns here and get in touch via Twitter @SumitKD or Google Plus

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