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Hypothetically Speaking: What if Sega Still Made Hardware?

Hypothetically Speaking: What if Sega Still Made Hardware?

Oct 18, 2013

Hypothetically Speaking is a series of short, hypothetical scenarios looking into the Gaming Industries potential future and past, had it taken an alternative route along the way as a means to prompt discussion. Join in the chat @GamingIQ  and comment below

How would the hardware sales race in both the current and next gen be different if Sega still produced gaming hardware? It would be curious to see how four consoles would have competed against each other over several years, rather than just the three. Would the consoles have paired up and gone head-to-head? Say, for instance, Sega produced a console with similar power to the Wii, they might be put into the cheaper, more casual gamer category, whereas the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 would be for the more “hardcore” audience, with their greater power and HD graphics.

The Sega Dreamcast was not a bad console, but it was unfortunately riddled by issues that ultimately undermined it. It was incredibly easy to pirate games and copy the data from the discs – games could literally be burnt from one disc to another, or the data could be downloaded from the internet.

Sega's final console

The Sega Dreamcast was not a bad console, but piracy issues undermined its potential.

Imagine if that wasn’t the case and the Dreamcast had a successor. Naturally, gamers would then be curious to see how their next gen console shape up. Would it compete with the powerhouses from Sony and Microsoft, or would it directly compete with Nintendo and the Wii U? If Sega produced a console of similar power to the Wii U, would the Wii U receive less flak for having inferior hardware to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One?

Another thing to consider would be that Sega would probably still have their talisman, Sonic The Hedgehog, tied to first-party games.Would that have impacted the franchise in any way? Plus, it would be curious to see if Sega would have produced a handheld, launching with brand new Sonic titles.

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