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OpenKit Goes Live

OpenKit Goes Live

Oct 2, 2013

OpenKit is the successor to OpenFeint, and has gone live for developers. The service allows leaderboards and social features for mobile gaming, on Android and iOS.

OpenFeint was bought out by Gree, and left many developers in the lurch, as their data in the cloud was deleted for good. This occurred last November, and it seems that finally there is an alternative to Gree’s own platform. OpenKit allows digital storage of leaderboard information, achievements, and also deals with push notifications, as well as making in-app purchases simpler.

However now the original people behind OpenFeint have released their open-source successor, OpenKit. It is entirely free to get started with, and offers a subscription service when monthly active users increase. Installation is entirely free, and can be tailored for the developers’ backend.  It was initially announced in March, at a San Francisco Game Developer Conference. No doubt, that Gree managed to alienate a lot of customers when OpenFeint ceased to exist, and it must be very welcome news for many that a new service is available, essentially freemium, making social gaming a lot less complex.


Punish your friends’ egos online


The kit makes it much easier to implement social aspects into gaming experiences, allowing Google+, Facebook and Apple Game Center ID integration. The concept is that it makes it much easier to play alongside your real friends, as opposed to playing strangers in the vast online world. The people behind OpenKit stated, “we’re breaking down the silos of vertical services that come with mobile platforms. OpenKit is the only platform that supports Game Center identities, Google+ IDs, and Facebook IDs, so players can play games with ‘real friends’ and challenge each other regardless of the type of device and game.”

Currently there are a number of developers making use of the service, such as Battery Acid Games, Bongfish, and Kymo Games. The OpenKit team said that “Amazon recognized the importance our vision last week, when they announced that their Android-only GameCircle service was being extended to iOS. However, GameCircle is neither open-source nor is it taking the approach towards universal authentication like OpenKit. And developers can seamlessly slide in OpenKit, which wraps both Game Center APIs and Google Play Services.” It seems the platform is already gaining wider recognition and use by big brands.

Alongside Kitboost, the company are offering “free assistance and full service migration services”, which gives developers a lot of encouragement to make the change to OpenKit.



Adam Barsby is a writer for Gaming IQ, alongside running Social Media. If you are partial to stalking, you can follow him on Twitter @barsby3, or read his articles here.



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