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Happy “National Video Game Day”, apparently

Happy “National Video Game Day”, apparently

Sep 12, 2013

According to The Internet, today is National Video Game Day. Far beyond it from us mere mortals to question the total authority of The Internet, we have chosen instead to celebrate it in the most appropriate way – by playing more games!

While the origins of Video Game Day seem mysterious, like most gamers we need little incentive to jump onto our favourite games of the moment, so having recently discovered this concept of a whole day dedicated to celebrating the playing of games we can scarce contain our excitement at gIQ HQ.

video game day

While it doesn’t seem to have sufficient status to recognition to warrant a public holiday (a classic example of gamers being victimized, if ever I’ve seen one), perhaps this is a good opportunity to take a moment to appreciate your own collection, dissect and rearrange your Top 10, or better yet, discover some brand new games to enjoy.

So wherever you are, tonight when you get home, jump on your platform of choice, boot up a game – new or old – and celebrate the best entertainment medium around.

Happy National Video Game Day, everyone!



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