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Microsoft reverses again – this time, Kinect

Microsoft reverses again – this time, Kinect

Aug 13, 2013

The latest from Microsoft HQ is that the Xbox One will no longer require Kinect 2.o to be plugged in for the console itself to function.

Right from the Xbox One announcement, Microsoft have said that the new console wouldn’t actually function without Kinect plugged in. This, along with the original 24 hour check-in policy, was a bold stance to take, however a necessary one if Microsoft are serious about Kinect succeeding.

The lack of serious games for Kinect 1.0 and the 360 led to a perception of Kinect as a novelty item and little more, lacking the depth perception and accuracy to really be used for much other than rhythm games. By shipping Kinect with the Xbox One and forcing owners to plug them in, Microsoft could guarantee a market to developers, and let’s face it – without a guaranteed market, who is going to voluntarily integrate Kinect support into a ‘true gamer’s game’?

While the console still seems to be shipping with Kinect in the box, removing the need to plug it in can’t help but fuel rumours of the almost inevitable Kinect-free version in the near future (and for a lower price point, which will be more competitive with Sony’s PS4). Looks like the Kinect revolution may not be coming so soon.

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